"The "clank" of a ringer and friendly competition"

Join us for fun at the horseshoe pits and show off your skills.

Picnic News April 8, 2016

april 8 2016aapril 8 2016We had a great time today with our Horseshoe Members and wives.  Plans were to have over 60 people and the food was ready but only 40 attended.  We had a lot of leftover food and this was all paid for by your club members.  Maybe we need to rethink how we finance the picnics to insure everyone attends.

On a brighter note we had the 50/50 ticket sale and awarded 5 tickets with $20, $20, $10, $10 and $5.

Winners were Joe Parker, Peggy Jerard, Jerry Metcalf, Karl Winter and Judy Joslyn.  Please note that Joe Parker won two times but gave back his winning to the club.

The food was great, thanks to Al and Judy Joslyn.  The weather did not fail us and only started raining after 2:00 pm.

Hope everyone had a good time and look forward to having a safe summer and safe return of our snowbirds in the fall.

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SCW Horseshoe League

The Sun City West Horseshoe Club has been part of the community for over 30 years. We are the place to be if you want to have some good, old fashioned fun with other pitchers

Pitching horseshoes is?

  • Exercise – Throwing, bending, reaching, walking. Our league games are 50 shoes, 25 round trips. An individual typically pitches in 3 games an evening, but it could be as many as 6.
  • Camaraderie – Local clubs, life long friends, sanctioned tournaments. Our club is one of several clubs in the area. We have a mix of long-time and newer friends.
  • A lifetime / family sport – There’s no advantage of being young or old, male or female. Our league typically has them all!
  • Competition – A nice combination of serious and fun!.
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